Plushie Sale

It's been a long time since I have posted here but now I am raising funds for a trip. \o

Selling PoT Plushies.

Leave me a comment here for more info. All plushies are kept in their plastic except for those that came without it and in mint condition as I have never taken them out to hug before. Besides the red teddy bear one, the rest are all AUTHENTIC and most of them do come with their tag.

Thank you!

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All payment by Paypal and inclusive of shipping

Preferences will be given to those who would like to buy them in a set as I do have a few complete sets up there and would hate to break them apart. Let me know if you are keen, we can work out a set price. Thanks!

Renew Skincare Products

Currently selling this series of products especially the rose hip oil that can help to lighten scars and pigmentations. Suitable for most skin types.

All products are organic and from Aust. 
Discounts will be given for purchases over a certain amount.

For more product info please check this website:


100% Organic Rose Hip Oil - $22 USD for 15ml (Promotional Price: $20 USD) From Sep 1st - Sep 30th
(A few drops go a long way)

Shipping not inclusive, to be calculated. 

100 g Moisturising cream - $20 USD (Promotional Price: $18 USD) From Sep 1st - Sep 30th

Shipping not inclusive, to be calculated. 

More products coming up! Try it today! =)

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Click on the images for a bigger view (If there are duplicates means I have 2 of the same cards.


Same pictures as above but some cards are clearer :

I am thinking of letting this rare cards from various series go. If anyone is keen, please let me know which cards are you keen in and we can discuss about the price. ^_^


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Click on image for full size.

Hiya~ I am considering to buy a bundle of cards but actually I do not need all the rares...and therefore I was wondering if anyone here would like to buy any of the above? (Shining Clear Card 6 rares)

Besides the above, there is also a complete set of norms in the bundle which I would be happy to let go.

If anyone is keen, please leave a message here with the rare card you want or for the complete set of norms and your budget. Thanks~!

Cards that I would want: Tezuka SP...the rest are optional for me.

I actually have the full set but due to certain reasons...Fuji and Sanada are not suitable for sales any longer. 


They have been put up on the walls once with blutack but after that has not been used and are kept away. (Birthday present from a friend)

All are authentic with their NAS stickers.

All comments are screened, so feel free to make an offer.

Shipping would be $5 USD worldwide. =)


Shining Clear Card 6

Yukata Rares ~ Not extras but I don't mind selling if the price is right =D

*waits for offers* ^____^


Click on the image for the full sized view:

My extra normal cards. I may have doubles or triples of some cards. Feel free to enquire =)

$1.50 USD each.

Postage seperate.